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I fucking hate:

that my cat can open doors.

Not dead yet.

Haha, speaking of hair, I perform my first service on a real live human being tomorrow. If perm rods and roller sets aren't the death of me I am on my way to being a fabulous stylist.

(or you know... whatever.)


For Friday:

Pizza with Brother Justin again.

a very serious post.

I've been doing a lot of looking inside myself, worrying about what other people see and how I come off. I'd like to think I have a better self-image because of it, I am more aware of what I project on first impression.
There are things I cannot control putting out there, I don't know if it my stunning good looks or the sheer volume of my hair that makes women of the cosmotology industry assume I need Texas-sized hair. It doesn't matter her age or race or even what type of salon she works in the minute I walk in the volumizing comb and hair dryer come out (all razors and sleeking gel carefully hidden away) and I spend the rest of the day wondering if the swelling spackled mess will ever come out.
So an open letter to all of you ever considering the hair industry, I don't need three feet of hair, I spend considerable amounts of time after I wake up unvolumizing my hair, I don't want to be in the bikini run, and really I don't think world peace is the answer we are looking for. I appreciate your gentle nudges toward stardom but it is really unnecessary.

Dear hands,

Remember, before the guitar when I was like. Hmm guitar is going to take a lot of practice. Lots and lots, every night I suspect. And that was cool? Yes?

Please stop hurting.

It's always a secret to somebody. But don't you just love to be in on it?
I fried the hard-drive with my masculine rage. No more computer.


Truly the best foodstuff to ever come in a cardboard box.
Oh (The) Hush Sound,
Please consider moving to Colorado:
It's kind of close to California (which I hear is great)
It isn't California (We have fall!)
I love you music and would come to your shows (this is selfish)

Please think about it.

(P.S. I would totally settle for your tour coming here.)